The Official Blog / Diary / Journal of the Denver Art Museum's Artist-In-Residence Program


This website is designed to act as a living resource for the creative-in-residence program. It serves as the ongoing conversation, documentation and evaluation of the projects as they occur. Since so much of this grant is focused on process, and the discoveries that can be made therein, we wanted the website to reflect that unfolding. The contributors to the site include: the creative residents, DAM staff, two independent evaluators and the public. We hope that by sharing all stages of practice transparently, it will be informative for us, the DAM staff, to future residents and to the field at large. It is also meant to serve as a conversation starter - so please send us questions, observations, or just a virtual high five. Those and coffee get us through the day.

In October 2014, the Denver Art Museum (DAM) received a two-year grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to produce a series of creative-in-residence programs. The DAM is deeply interested in experimenting with new ways for people to engage with the museum and its collections. This engagement includes both people within the creative community and with visitors. We are eager to learn how the museum can be a platform for creativity; how it can influence and inspire new work by local creatives and how these projects may in turn inspire visitors. As a result, we hope to push the notions of what a museum can be – for visitors, for the creative community and for the institution itself. Things may get crazy, messy, wildly creative and a little uncomfortable.

The main page of the website shares posts from contributors. The topics can range from documentation and observations, to questions and reflections. We may be sharing photos from specific residencies, videos, evaluation memos and data, and other ephemeral archives. The ‘Residencies’ page gives a brief overview of who is involved in this project. This page offers profiles on the creatives who will be residents, DAM staff and the evaluation team. The creatives’ profiles share more specifics about their residency; what the project is, their goals, hopes and dreams, along with some basics like when things will take place and where. As the program develops, so will the site. We may shift things around or add new info to profiles, archives will always be searchable by keywords, author or by tags.