The Official Blog / Diary / Journal of the Denver Art Museum's Artist-In-Residence Program

From Arthur: Some Initial Thoughts

So when I was invited to the brainstorming event at the DAM I had no idea it would be leading to a residency program. I thought for sure being an unconventional floral designer I would be able to get myself into some sort of fun project with the museum. Little did I know what was going to happen, or how many meetings there would be!

Working on the concepts for what I want to do has been the easiest part, I have a constant flow of crazy ideas in my head that I'm looking for some excuse to create in the real world. My fashion and outlandish installation pieces fuel my soul and have doubled as promotion for my business- Babylon Floral Inc. I think I'm probably the only florist with a headdress adorned "half naked" woman decorating their delivery vehicle.

So when I got the floral guidelines I pretty much had a heart attack..... most of the "absolutely not allowed" in gallery spaces items are my favorite materials to work with. AAAAHHHH! So after meeting with conservation I formulated a plan of attack. We could freeze certain items- specifically larger diameter branches which are a key element in many of my designs. We have some flexibility with floral in galleries for short periods of time and floral adorned models shouldn't pose any threat to the collections. Plus I'll be at the museum a lot to babysit my creations.

After coming up with concepts for each we've narrowed things down to favorite key areas, the concepts for each project have mostly remained the same with some projects evolving as we go. Flexibility has been a reoccurring theme.

I want to be able to show the public what is possible with floral design and push the boundaries and perceptions of the art. 

Photos by James Stolzenbach