The Official Blog / Diary / Journal of the Denver Art Museum's Artist-In-Residence Program

Calder Meditation Space Performance - 3/15/15

Nathan's second performance took place on Sunday, March 15th in the Calder Meditation Space (Level 3 of the Hamilton Building). Visitors were invited to relax on a yoga mat and join in meditation. Some people took advantage of the yoga mats and immersed themselves in a meditative experience, while others sat or stood nearby and watched the performance unfold. Including Nathan, there were four performers total sitting around a beautiful Tibetan bowl right under the Calder sculpture. There were a number of percussion instruments on hand, including crotales (or antique cymbals), mallets, and drum sticks. The performance started with Nathan and his crew quietly taking in and acknowledging the Calder sculpture. Over the course of 45 minutes, the performers created a meditative soundspace that honored the Calder piece. Nathan perfectly sums up the performance in a recent Instagram post:

"We summoned Alexander Calder in a meditation chant at the Denver Art Museum today and thanked him for his mobile Snow Flurry. He said, you're welcome." @thisisnathanhall

Afterwards, some of the visitors talked about how the nearby door to the Sculpture Deck mysteriously opened and closed at least three times without any trace of human assistance during the performance. Could it have really been the spirit of Alexander Calder? I think maybe!