The Official Blog / Diary / Journal of the Denver Art Museum's Artist-In-Residence Program

Curiosity Package Walking Tour

Are you curious? The Flobots hope so! To encourage curiosity in DAM visitors, the Flobots created a “Curiosity Package Walking Tour.” The audio tour is designed to make visitors linger at certain works of art, and to think about them in new and different ways. There are six stops on the tour, spanning both buildings of the museum (listen here: You can visit locker #285 in the Hamilton Building or locker #10 in the North Building to pick up your copy of the Curiosity Package (see pictures of the lockers in the gallery above).

At each stop, the Flobots are asking for visitors to respond to the artworks based solely on their own emotions. Art can often be overwhelming, especially for those of us who aren’t art historians. However, we are all experts in our own emotions and, therefore, we all have expert emotional opinions. By thinking about art through emotion, the Flobots hope visitors will feel less inhibited, more connected to the works and open to asking questions.  This is part of the Flobots overall mission to open up a dialogue between visitors and artworks.

The Flobots will collect visitor feedback via “rasa boxes,” which depict nine foundational human emotions: wonder, love, fear/shame, disgust/revolt, peace/harmony, courage, mirth/joy, sadness/compassion, and anger. At each stop on the walking tour, visitors can circle the emotion(s) they are feeling in response to the artwork. For example, someone might circle “love” in response to Mud Woman Rolls On on Level 3 of the North Building because of the strong maternal symbolism in the sculpture. The Flobots are gathering these responses (there are three mailbox drop-off points throughout the museum) and will use them to create new music based on the emotions elicited at each stop.