The Official Blog / Diary / Journal of the Denver Art Museum's Artist-In-Residence Program

Evaluation Memo #1

As a part of the creative-in-residence program, the DAM is partnering with two professional evaluators, Daryl Fischer and Mary Ellen Munley, to guide the grant’s evaluation process. Their role is to understand how and if the DAM’s goals for this grant are being realized. Fischer and Munley will also be measuring visitor engagement in relation to the creative-in-residence program.

Fischer and Munley will write four evaluation memos over the course of the grant to record of the evolution of work with the grant. The first evaluation memo outlines their evaluation plan, methods for data collection, and some issues that are emerging as the residencies roll out. According to the authors:

In this project, which will take the DAM’s exploration of creativity to the next level, we are evaluating the experiences of five groups: creative, the Core Team, the Design and Implementation Team (D&I Team), other DAM staff members, and museum visitors. We will measure how, and to what extent, the Museum realizes its potential to transform the visitor experience, foster sustained partnerships with co-creators, further the Museum’s commitment to enhancing the creative vitality of the community, and build institutional infrastructure around a creativity platform. (pg. 1)

We will pull out some of the evaluators’ interesting insights from this memo and highlight them in the next few posts.

The image is from a brainstorming session between DAM staff and Daryl Fischer and Mary Ellen Munley.