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Evaluation Memo #1 Spotlight: Organizational Change

Another emerging topic from Daryl Fischer and Mary Ellen Munley's Evaluation Memo #1 relates to organtional change within the DAM.  According to their report,

"Core Team members are interested in identifying the organizational change that will be required – and that will and will not emerge – as the project is implemented. In the early stages of project implementation it appears that organizational change will be necessary in three areas:

  1. how staff understand their roles and responsibilities vis-a-vis values for collaboration and innovation;
  2. how the DAM expands its definition of visitor participation;
  3. how able the DAM is to create a work culture that supports experimentation and innovation." pg. 9

"The most pressing need is articulation and explicit communication about the new roles necessary for the success of a collaboration project intended to produce innovation. The roles that are being identified in meeting minutes and journal entries are: creator; co-creator; partner; catalyst; expert; problem-solver; producer; and co-producer. The organizational change that is necessary for the success of this project – and that is not yet realized – is for individuals to accept that regardless of their title and job description, they are now authorized to take on new roles. The responsibility for the success of the project is collective." pg. 10

As we appraoched the first residency, DAM staff were challenged by, "...the project’s invitation to “push boundaries.” The tendency was to fall into well-established roles of curators (protect and give primacy to the collections on view); designers (physical safety); and visitor services staff (sanitation and meeting visitors’ expectations)." pg. 10

Organizational change was one of the three major impact areas of this grant (the other two being the creatives and visitors).  Staff working on the grant are continuing to experiemnt with new approaches/methods to inspire creative thinking among staff and encourage everyone to imagine new ways of working and producing.  More to come certianly in future memos!