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From Evan: Some more feedback from visitors...

We created a survey for folks to take once they complete the entire tour of the installation. Below are some selected written comments from visitors. (Most of these are positive. We are in no way scientists but we're pretty sure that if you don't like the installation, you probably don't waste too much time on it and fill out a survey when the entire museum is beckoning you to come view it!)

  •  "Thank you for demonstrating how important it is to vote and speak up."
  • "The American Standards piece---all of the connections to my H20. Wow. Also---'Starry Night' & Apple Agreement. Provocative!"
  • "Great exhibition! Wish I lived here. Creative plus eye-opening. YEA!"
  • "Only liked the budget activity."
  • "I tend to think this way already---but brilliant thought piece."
  • "This was awesome---SO TRUE!"
  • "I have never voted before but want to."
  • "[Will] consider my actions more deeply. THANKS!"
  • "Think about shapes."
  • ":) <3"
  • [This] brought today's issues back to the forefront of my mind."
  • "Keep local government running effectively and efficiently."
  • "Don't be an asshole."
  • "Interesting. It speaks without language."