The Official Blog / Diary / Journal of the Denver Art Museum's Artist-In-Residence Program

Next up: Arthur Williams

We are over the moon to be working with the next creative-in-residence, floral designer Arthur Williams.  Arthur is the owner of Babylon Floral on 17th Ave. in Denver - you can read his full bio here.  Arthur will be working his floral design magic at the DAM from August 1-28.  His residency coincides with a larger, campus-wide program focused on flowers happening at the DAM this summer.  There will be flower exhibtions, flower programming and Arthur - creating live installations in the galleries and producing several large-scale performances.

Working with live material in a museum does present some challenges, but we are excited to see how we, as an institution, can get creative in our approach.  We're also interested to see how visitors respond to, and are inspired by, these live ephemeral moments that Arthur will create.  More info to come as details are worked out, but for now, flip through Arthur's blog to see his work and imagine what he'll dream up at the DAM.