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Next Up: Warm Cookies of the Revolution

We are thrilled to announce Warm Cookies of the Revolution (WCoR) as our next Creative-in-Residence at the DAM! WCoR is a civic health club that provides a space for open dialogue about all things civic. Read more about WCoR here. Brainchild, Evan Weissman, and muscle, Chris Getzan, make up the brilliant duo that is WCoR.

WCoR will be our first long term residency, from September 15 - January 3. They have created an immersive "office space" in the Hub on Level 3 of the Hamilton Building. They've set up different stations throughout the space that visitors can interact with (even when Evan and Chris aren't there) that spark thinking about lots of different issues that affect us all. You have to see it to believe it, but there's even an official voting booth from the infamous "hanging chad" scandal in the 2000 Presidential Election!

WCoR will also branch out of the Hub space for discussions and other activities, so be sure to check their residency page for upcoming events.