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Saying Hello: A Video From Two Creatives to the DAM

Creatives-in-Residence at the Denver Art Museum

In early February, DAM staff got together with two of the creatives who will take up residency in the DAM, Nathan Hall and Evan Weissman of Warm Cookies of the Revolution.  We wanted a way to capture their ideas, enthusiasm and concerns as they planned for their residencies.  This video was shared at the DAM's monthly all-staff meeting - as a virtual meet and greet with the several hundred staff working at the DAM.  Since not every staff member would get a chance to meet the creatives before they arrive, we wanted people to be able to connect a face with the name, a person with the unusual requests and a dream behind the plan.  It's a great introduction to the creatives-in-residence program and two of the people making it happen. Nathan Hall will be in residence at the DAM during the month of March, 2015 and Warm Cookies of the Revolution will set up shop from September-December, 2015.