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Video: Nathan Hall Corridor Voices

Nathan Hall - Corridor Voices

As a project manager for the grant, one of the most delightful aspects of the first residency has been watching Nathan's Corridor Voices piece unfold.  Visitors walking onto the bridge are caught off-guard by the chorus of quirky, yet familair sounds that surround them.  Lots of smiles and laughs ensue. But what is more incredible is how the work has broken down typical social barriers between strangers.  Because the source of the sounds is not immediately apparent, most visitors are curious as to where the noises are coming from.  They look around, wondering if it was triggered by their movements - or if others are perhaps responsible for setting it off.  The truth is the track plays on a loop, but visitors immediately begin talking (or pointing fingers) to others that are passing through.  "Did you do that?" "Did I do that?"  are regular reactions, as new groups begin to investigate together.  It's amazing how a simple soundtrack of sounds can inspire so much joy and connection - watch the video and you will see!