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Video: A Recap of the Flobots Residency

DAM Creative-in-Residence - Flobots

The Flobots residency was one for the history books! Over the course of their time here, they produced a series of performances and programs that both gathered and reacted to visitors’ emotional responses to art. They started off strong with their participatory Call and Response event on a First Free Saturday at the DAM. The event was so powerful that it has since become a DAM legend. Throughout the month of May, they invited all sorts of performers into the galleries to respond to different artworks. The performances were always unannounced, which allowed visitors to ‘run into’ the music and let their curiosity take over. The Flobots also held Stairwell Sessions in the North Building’s wonderfully cavernous stairwell. During these sessions, they invited anyone passing through to join in the music and sing along. Kenny O. stayed busy on the drums with his Drum Clinics and Rhythm Walks. In the Rhythm Walks, Kenny imitated the sounds of people walking across the bridge connecting the two museum buildings on his drums.

As a part of the Curiosity Package, the Flobots created a Walking Tour that visitors can access on their smart phones and devices. The tour—which is still available—incorporates music and sounds from Call and Response, as well as other Flobots events. The Walking Tour gives fresh and interesting entry points into several artworks, which allows visitors to look at and think about art in a more dialogical and personal way. The Input/Output Stations were another piece of the Curiosity Package. These stations, or booths, were set up in a couple of galleries throughout the museum. Visitors were able to get into the booths and record a verbal response to special prompts from the Flobots, as well as the artworks around them. The Flobots wrapped up their residency on a high note at May’s Untitled: Some Assembly Required. They brought in dancers, singers, and storytellers, including the former city manager of Bombay (now Mumbai) and self-proclaimed yogi, Manu Raval. They ended the night back in the Hamilton Atrium with a live performance that brought down the house.

All of this in just one month! The video captures what words can’t express: the extraordinary energy the Flobots brought into the museum and into the lives of visitors. Their residency impacted us deeply and empowered us to be experts in our own curiosity.