The Official Blog / Diary / Journal of the Denver Art Museum's Artist-In-Residence Program

From WCoR: Top 10 comments overhead from the first 2 days of the residency

1) "This is too ethereal for me."
2) "I am from visiting from L.A. and don't have time for this. Where is all the art that is supposed to be on this floor?"
3) a teenage boy who was just complaining about how bored he was, sees the sculpture in the space: “Whoa! That’s tight! How long has this been here?” me: “We just put it up today” Boy: “who is the artist?” Me: “Well, my friend and I came up with it and he built the whole thing” Boy: “You know the artist?!”  Me: “Yep”  Boy: “Tight”
4) “Why do you want to fund the police?” “Because they protect us” “Well, they’re not doing a good job” “Fine, are you okay with funding schools?” “Duh”
5) "This is something that high school kids should visit and go through before registering to vote."
6) "May I take a picture? This reminds me of a mobile I made."
7) "Are those real chads, from 2000?!"
8) "That video! It made me tear up! It really got to me."
9) "Those were made with a 3-D printer? This would be a great idea! It's something the library should really do!"
10) "Daniel would like that." "My brother?" "Yes." Why?" "Because he does plumbing."